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5 basic massage forms:

– Korean body massage: This is a body massage model that gently relaxes, improves morale, helps stabilize psychology and relieves stress in the body effectively. Performing this type of massage, the technicians use the movements to press round, vertical and horizontal force to push the force, thereby transferring new energy sources into the main organs in the body, eliminating stasis, toxins. in addition to absolute relaxation. The selection of essential oils and scents depends on customers’ preferences and requirements.

– Japanese massage body: It is similar to Korean massag but is more powerful and delicate. Technicians use their hands, knees and elbows, can use their feet to affect their bodies for a period of time to stop blood gas stagnation and create a stronger blood flow after being released, swept away Every blockage, strengthens resistance, maintains flexibility, regulates and balances the body

– Thai massage body: This type of massage affects about 10 main circuits throughout the body. Specialists will use their fingers, both hands, feet or elbows to gently press on the acupuncture points combined with the force depending on each person’s condition. Thai-style body massage works to cure some diseases such as sciatica, headaches, back, abdominal pain, intestinal or respiratory and circulatory diseases effectively.

– Massage body stone: One of the most popular massage styles today. With this form, it is possible to use the same type of hot stone massage in different sizes, shapes, origins such as rock salt, black stone, cold stone … to transfer heat to certain parts of the body, impact on acupuncture points, create therapeutic heat effects that bring energy to the body, draw toxins outside and create optimal relaxation.

– Massage body with foot massage: With this therapy, it is possible to use multi-function massage bed, combining massage body and foot massage chair conveniently. According to the concept of Oriental medicine, the foot is the place where the body of the body is reflected, containing many nervous systems. So when foot massage will have a direct impact on the force, balance the air for the body, accelerate the metabolism of the parts, reduce muscle tension, fatigue and enhance blood circulation to the body. Can be combined with wooden foot bath to maximize massage effect.