MINT SPA HOI AN -민트 스파 호이 안

With a team of experienced technicians, highly trained, gives customers great experiences, awakening all senses and emotions.

Massage service with traditional therapeutic art brings a perfect course, awakening all senses and emotions.

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MINT SPA HỘI AN -민트 스파 호이 안

Với đội ngũ kĩ thuật viên giàu kinh nghiệm, được đào tạo chuyên sâu, mang đến cho khách hàng những trải nghiệm tuyệt vời, đánh thức mọi giác quan, cảm xúc.

Dịch vụ massage với nghệ thuật trị liệu truyền thống đem đến một liệu trình hoàn hảo, đánh thức mọi giác quan, cảm xúc. [Xem thêm]

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We have many strengths in the field of SPA & MASSAGE
Including massage services such as: oil massage, himalaya salt stone massage, hot stone massage, hot bamboo massage, thai massage, foot massage with hot bamboo, kid massage, prenatal massage.

  • 21 beds, 7 rooms including: separate male / female / couple / couple area, outdoor massage area.
  • Spa & Massage health care services according to Traditional Medicine method.
  • Soaking and bathing in the Po Mu precious wooden crate with traditional medicinal leaves of Red Dao people, rheumatism treatment, aches, anti-fatigue, sympathy, strengthening vitality, especially good for postpartum women.
  • Chinese herbal medicine, gynecological detoxification for women, helping the body to smell smoother and whiter.
  • Steambath, Sauna, heated Jacuzzi pool.
  • Restaurant and Coffee area
  • Children’s play area
  • There are free meals included and many dishes on the menu with high nutritional value, to help improve health
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Nestled in Hoi An tourist complex, with a beautiful location in the city center, close to the places of entertainment, dining, tourist Mint spa & massage brings private and peaceful relaxation space for Hoi people and international tourists. Luxurious, sophisticated space as a class-leading guide enchanting, makes visitors go from one surprise to another. Including 21 high-class Spa beds, invested in spacious and modern facilities. Along with a variety of rooms for men / women / couples / families / companies / tour groups … In a modern space, with a gentle, cozy and polite decoration style. .